The History of Local Punks

Local Punks Inc. is Maui based entertainment agency. Local Punks has been rocking since March 1998, and incorporated in 2001. We have offices in Moreno Valley CA, Maui Hawaii, Las Vegas Nevada and now Tampa Florida. Local Punks actively books bands, comedians and venues, offers band management, artist development, and we also book and promote our own concerts & festivals. Every year we do two large music festivals drawing thousands of people to each. Local Punks, books bands for shows primarily in Southern California, and Hawaii, however we do shows with out limitation through out the United States. Local Punks offers shows and tours in other countries such as, Mexico, and Europe. We put international and national artists with local artists. We have a staff complete with web team, graphic artist, publicist, journalist, photographers, booking agents, producers, engineers, promo girls, models, spokes people, band managers, production teams, attorneys, and full office team.

Local Punks has been extremely fortunate to do the booking for such cool festivals like, The Chicago Rib and Soul Festival, The Throttle Sports and Music Festival, The Inland Empire Music Awards, the Van Mini Warp Tour. Local Punks Inc. owns and operates two independent record labels, Local Punk Records for our punk and hardcore bands, and LP Recordings for our Hip Hop and R & B artists. Local Punks has crossed the musical genre borders, we have enjoyed working with a wide variety of musical artists. We have had the opportunity to work with such great performers like:

El Domino, Nine Page Apology, Embrace, Katchafire, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Dead Kennedys, FEAR, DRI, DOA, CH3, Death by Stereo, Guttermouth, Shattered Faith, Static X, The Misfits, P.O.D., Death, Death Angel, Chaotic Culture, Adler’s Appetite, Kottonmouth Kings, Sublime, DirtBall, Missing Persons, Nikki Minaj, General Public, Dramarama, The English Beat, Mims, The Starting Line, Yellowcard, Finch, RX Bandits, Rufio, Agent Orange, Naughty by Nature, Boyz II Men, Chaka Khan, Freddie Jackson, OPM, Jack Johnson, Humble Gods, SX10, Sen Dog, Mike Metzgar, Metal Mulisha Riders, Dustin Miller, Matt Buyton, Ryan Hansen, Die Radio Die, The Deal, Danzig, Aurous, Ether, Formula 420, Total Chaos, Sugarcult, Long Beach Short Bus, Nashville Pussy, D.I., Coolio, Puddle of Mudd, Powder, Narcoleptic Youth, Toxic Narcotic, 2Pistols, Death on Wednesday, Letter Kills, Fetch, 187, Mower, Mix Mob, KUSH, Icabud, Lil Scrappy, GOB, Inna Vision, Evanesance, Sworn Enemy, Pepper, Plain White T’s, Order of the Fly, MXPX, Mind Driver, Backside, Strung Out, Spinderella, ATM, Don’t Look Down, 48 in the BaSement, Fluid, Heidi, Crash Test Dummies, Lizzy Borden, Metal Hour, Fabulous Disaster, Kill Deville, Metal School, Black and Blue, Heretic, Bitch, The Dickies, Fluid, The Alliez, Spineshank, Embrace the Kill, Old Habits Die Hard, The Exit, The Ghost, The Velvet Teen, CKY, Zair, Honey Bucket, Powder, The Maxies, My Family Dog, El Nada, Unit F, The Walking Toxins, Impress the Kid, Evanesance, Dirt, Steve-O, Sham 69, UXA, Meat Grinder, The Distraught, Sinaloa, Inna Vision, Prostitute Marys, Uncle Firley, The Fuckers, XOVersa, Michelle Branch, The Exploited, Vice Squad, Final Conflict, Phantom Rockers, Funeral Dress, Resilience, The Ghouls, Malice of Forethought, Social Anxiety, Shimmer 57, Homegrown, H20, Third Try, Dead Soldiers, One More Day, Five and Dime, Jugular, Tyghtship, Summerjack, Agent 57, Pist, Piss Ants, So Loved, Last Laugh, Lab Rats, Clit 45, Kona, Half Past Gone, Louden Swain, Last Minute, WreckReation, 151, Kings X, Tequila Hounds, Triple Threat, Image Brothers, In Silence, The Mutts, The Scabs, Frankie Doll, UFB, Western Decay, Battalion of Saints, The Lawrence Arms, Filthy Vagrants, Slab, Luckie Strike, The Whitewalls, Concrete Explosion, On Tap, 69 cents, Mainline, Creed Chameleon, Sky Giant, Long Beach Allday, The Threat, Four Anxious Minds, One Big Lie, Wrecking Crew, The Diffs, The Descendants, Barbie and the Hookers, Split Decision, 7 Seconds, Goldfinger, TSOL, Sick Sense, Booby Trap, Vena Cava, The Generators, The Gears, Dr. Know, Fang, Oppressed Logic, Wrecking Red, Audio Karate, Say Anything, A.D.H.D., Amerikan Made, The Phuzz, Tragic Hearts, Caroline No, The Wreck, The Tics, The Donnas, Civit, B9, Dizmas, Forth Right, Down 15, ADD, Famous Lies, 3 Against 1, Manntis, Wrong Ways, Stink Finger, Ill Fade, Aftermarket, DJ Irene, DJ Strak, Lexx N 30, Mo Daves, Souls of Mischieves, Scooter & Lavelle, DJ Eclipse, Sprung Monkey, 7.O.D., DJ Vice, Final Element, 4 Dueco Mafia, Pharcyde, Pulley, DJ Millennium, Rick Thorne, Whole Hog, Dead Zero, Eyesore, Dose of Adolescence, Rambis, Arneson, Futyle, Kenochamp, Pawn Shop Porno, The Distraught, CPA, Fuel for Fire, Roach Clip, Blunt, Bongzilla, Throw Rag, Pistol Grip, Pistol Grip, Phantom Planet, Angry Samoans, Mc Lars, The Prophets, Undefined, Scarred for Life, Warshaw, The Partisans, The Adicts, The Aquabats, Static Lullaby, The Start, The God Awfuls, Guff, Homewrecker,Savatage, Nevermore, Cage, Teabag, Conflict, Very Metal, Insolence, Downside, Vortex, Death from the Left, Solafly, Hyperbole, Banner Never Flew, Groovie, Ghoulies, Echo 3, Fearzone, Rite of Passage, Ben Robinson Band, Sick Shift, Project Orion, Scarlet, Clique, Notice, Fifth, Never Say Die, Stoic, Yesterday’s End, Self Inflicted, Crosstown Rivals, Tenstar, Mullet, Tyraid, Two Faced, If All Else Fails, Kurrupt Puppet, Disarm, Drone, Wedgecase, Treehort, Endor, Toys That Kill, Teen Idols, Hi Jink, Punchline, The Difference, Roxwell, Keepsake, Overlook, The Stryder, For The Record, Pen 15, At Your Service, Don’t Look Down, Runey, My Captain, Unsung Zeros, Swindle, The Fustrated, Other Peoples Children, Arsin, The Gnomes, Hemlock, Hellbound Hayride, Transers, Sand Box Bullies, The Kracks, Led Zepland, Live Wire, Fandango, The Unwanted Guests, Black Monday, White Light Motorcade, The Hiss, TheGlossines, Broken February, 5 Star Degenerate, BroFab, Hatchback, Underhills,Something, Forty Winks, Pheend, Unfocused, The Insects, DFL, Daemos,Coralas de Sinaloa, Zero Gauge, Fate’s Warning, The Briggs, Allied Elementz,Acid Nine, Orange Independent, Agnostic Front, Local 15, Texas Thieves, X86,Soul Inside, Twisted Fate, DFrost, Backyard Pimps, Esoteric 7, Shoppy, DJ PXD, Red Letter Day, No Bragging Rights, Neon Trees, Victim of Society, February’s Anguish, The Drapes, Three Last Words, Saturday’s Child, Fighting Shatner, Days Like These, Dillinger 4, Big In Japan, Blair Bitch Project, Brothers from Another Planet, Young Joe, Roachclip, Head Change, Mother Mercy, Demolition Pit, Fifi Larue, Shattered, Wick, Project Hyde, Divit, The Generators, Slick Shoes, Death by Stereo, Electric Shock, Suicide Shift, Kill Allen Wreck, Thought Experiment.